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Hi! We're Ice Cold Media. We design websites & help businesses grow.

From small business rebrands to fresh new startups, we're sure to help you spread the cost with our pay monthly deals.

We know how important it is for small businesses to choose the right suppliers, as budgets are tight and mistakes can be costly. You want to get it right first time, and you need your homepage to reflect the hard work and effort you put into your own products and services.

We can help.


Cost efficient sites for startups

Starting a new business can be costly, and that first year is often make or break. We know, and we're in our 10th year now!
Business image is paramount to securing deals, sales and prospective clients but it shouldn't break the bank. We'll help you spread the cost over your first years trading, because we value your custom and want to be here for your next site when your business gets bigger!

We offer our brochure sites for just £49 per month.

Beat your competitors

We don't just build great sites, we take care on what's behind them too. Good coding is paramount to your site's success and search engines like Google will penalise sites that don't follow best practise.
All our new designs are SEO ready. What this means is that we'll inspect your site before handover, making sure all the H1 tags and Meta information is correct before you start your marketing campaign.

We'll help you set up a blog to shout about your fresh new ideas and reach people searching for the more specific aspects of your business. We can also integrate your site with social media so that you're not having to post the same updates on every channel.



Sell Online

There's nothing more annoying than searching for a site, only to be met with 'call us to book', 'call us to buy' or 'call us for a quote'. We think that's the whole point of a website. To do the selling, so that you don't have to.

We'll help you import your products, take bookings and payments and continue your business after you've gone home. We offer integration with the most popular payment gateways so you can take orders online and manage stock levels to avoid over-orders.

Call us to discuss. Only kidding. You can buy an e-commerce site from us here.

Keep your visitors engaged

Over the years, HTML has really come a long way and allows us to do so much more with presentation. While these quirky features might not directly sell your product, they're a surefire way of winning over your customers with a great user experience.

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